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Character Name:

Abeni Adebayo

Character Age:



Merry Doll Round Zuri




SD 54cm





Star Sign:




Doll Notes

Abeni is another doll that I thought I would never be able to find a doll for. Dolls that aren't slim and pale are hard to find, so I was sure Abeni and Sam would be difficult to shell. Somehow I got really lucky with both of them! I found this stunning Merry Doll Round Zuri for sale on the Den of Angels marketplace and was astonished at just how much she looked like my drawings of my character! Even her eye shape is just how I imagined.

Character Notes

Abeni is an artist and art conservator. She is confident, decisive and thinks in a creative way that tends to inspire others around her. She sees the whole world, and everything in it, as art. She is also incredibly nosy, forever curious about other people's lives and what makes them tick.

She and Samuelson met in art class when they were attending university together. Less than a year into their whirlwind romance, they eloped (to the great displeasure of both their families.)

After 12 years of marriage, the two are now divorced, but remain on good terms, although Abeni has moved on from the relationship more than Samuelson has. She even attends parties at his house.

They have an 18 year old son together, Avery, who lives with Abeni most of the time.

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