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Character Name:

Ben Harrison

Character Age:



Volks MSD F-04 Boy


Unknown. Eyebrows repaired by me.


MSD 43cm


2nd September



Star Sign:




Ben is the youngest member of his local JFashion comm, Troll Club. He is shy but friendly, always the first to greet new members and try to make them feel welcome. If any of his friends are ever in need, he will step up to help however he can.

Ben was raised in the care system. He ran away from several foster homes and was homeless for a time. His childhood has given him a deep appreciation for everything he has in his life and a determination to always help other people, to be kind and to make the best out of every bad situation.

He is currently attending sixth form college, working in a fish and chip shop on weekday evenings and in a cafe at the weekends. He rents a tiny room in a dodgy, slightly moudly, B & B. Ben is also hoping to start university soon.

Although he loves to help others, he has trouble asking for help himself and so his friends are unaware that he's struggling for money and stressed about exams and uni applications.

Ben enjoys expressing himself through fashion and makes most of his own clothes, creating new things from thrifted items. Scouring charity shops and jumble sales with his friends is one of his favourite things to do. His friends often gift him things from their own wardrobes that they no longer wear, or lend him outfits, and as a result he has recently become really interested in lolita fashion. He has made himself several cute accessories to wear with lolita, including pink bear ears.

As well as fashion, Ben also enjoys cartoons (especially Avatar: The Last Airbender,) classic fairytales, cars and puzzle books. He loves rabbits and often doodles them in the corners of his work books.

ben on table
ben bracelet
ben and me
ben and breakfast
ben in wheelchair
ben tinsel
ben and friends fisheye
ben and cinnamorol fisheye
ben and friends fisheye 3
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ben in his room
ben in his room 2
ben in sailor outfit
ben instax

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