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Daisy Tuesday Indigo Jones


Dollmore Suntan Asha




14th August

Star Sign:




Daisy is an outgoing, adventurous but grounded girl, curious about life and people. She's always looking to make new friends. Daisy's parents were hippies. She was born in a countryside commune and was homeschooled until she was 14. She decided she wanted to try mainstream schooling and went to live with her aunt in the city. City life and high school were big culture shocks, but also exciting. Daisy was determined to do her best and learn all she could. She loves studying and always wants to learn new things, anything at all could spark her curiosity. One week it might be space travel, the next it could be surfing. Because of this, she spends lots of time in libraries and bookshops. This is how she discovered Gyaru fashion and met the rest of the Jfashion crew. Working her way through every book in her school library, she came across the Fruits books. Gal sparked her interest because there seemed to be so many possibilities to play with. Many years later, unaware that her city had a J fashion community at all, Daisy was visiting Marigold's book shop, hunting for books on raising caterpillars. When Marigold was ringing up her purchases, she invited Daisy to join the comm.

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