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Eden laying on her pile of dresses


Eden Astaire


Souldoll Hari on Luts model Delf girl body




13th July

Star Sign:




Eden is a fun loving, energetic and often reckless kind of girl. She's always coming up with new get-rich-quick schemes and trying to drag her friends into the chaos. Her current schemes are camming and selling her blood to vampires, neither of which she has convinced her friends to join her in. Lolita fashion is her passion and she wears it every day to Newbridge University, where she studies maths. Sweet lolita is her favourite substyle and she also enjoys classic. She is terrified of aliens and won't watch any science fiction movies. She lives with her friends Marigold and Magdalena in the city of Newbridge and often has arguments with Marigold over wether the blood bags should be kept in the communal fridge.

Eden laying in gingham rose dress
Eden with Halloween pumpkin
Eden in lingerie
Eden in bonnet close up
Eden on shelf
Eden opening package
Eden in Milk's dress
Eden in the sun
Eden in gingham rose dress

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