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Hattie instax

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Hattie wearing a pink outfit and bonnet

Character Name:

Hattie-Marie Pearl

Character Age:



Volks Small Angel Camellia






28th August



Star Sign:




Hattie is a big music fan. She plays several instruments and loves rap and visual kei music in particular. Her idols are Sugizo and Mana-sama. She often makes mix tapes to swap with her best friends Beck and Ben.

She also enjoys baking for her friends, reading classical literature and lolita fashion. Old school sweet lolita is her favourite substyle and she loves angel motifs. She has a tattoo of angel wings on her back and a pair of big angel wings she likes to wear for photos, but they're too delicate to wear very often.

Hattie works as a freelance coder, self taught. She enjoys her job, though it's not her passion. It's just something she ended up being surprisingly good at and happened to be able to make money from. She prefers it this way though, she wouldn't want to turn any of her true passions into a job. She's very smart and got straight As in school without even trying.

She lives with her two mums between the city of Newbridge and the nearby town of Epsbury, taking it in turns to stay with each of them.

My girlfriend and I bought this doll together to take it in turns to look after her, dress her up and take photos of her.

hattie roast dinner
full body of hattie sitting in front of a doily
hattie and friends fisheye 1
hattie and friends fisheye 2
hattie and friends fisheye 3

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