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Character Name:

Kojiro Yamada aka KYM

Character Age:



Souldoll Zenith Ryucine




SD 65.5cm


16th October



Star Sign:



Pansexual, Polyamorous

KYM is a visual kei musician. He's the kind of friend who will call you up at 3am to ask if you want to come over and play Pokemon, but also unintentionally ghost you for 3 months.

He has two general modes of being; Social Tour Mode, where he is outgoing and friendly, attends meet & greets with his fans, goes on long world tours and is an all round social butterly; and Hermit Mode, where he holes up in his appartment for months at a time, hyper focusing on writing his next album, ignoring attempts to contact him, smoking too many cigarettes, wearing nothing but the same pair of underwear for days and living off cheap ramen and mountain dew. It's likely he has undiagnosed ADHD. KYM would describe himself as gender indifferent. He feels gender is a concept that doesn't apply to him. He is prounoun indifferent but generally uses male pronouns out of convenience, as he is AMAB.

Outside of music, he enjoys retro gaming, Disney movies and Pokemon. He's not what anyone could describe as a good boyfriend, but he has a casual long distance boyfriend who lives in America and plays in a metal band called the Teddy Bears.

KYM lives alone in a traditional Japanese appartment with his Roomba.

KYM closeup
KYM laying down
KYM in kawaii shirt
KYM shirtless
KYM nose
KYM in the sun close up
KYM in the sun
KYM and usakumya
KYM fisheye on deer
KYM fisheye in front of wardrobe

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