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Souldoll Vampire Kuu


25 (upon death)


7th July


2019 (head) 2022 (body)

Star Sign:




Magdalena only became a vampire very recently.

Unkown to her, she was being used by the old and powerful vampire, Cornelius, at the time. She fell from a fire escape several stories up with vampire blood in her system. When she awoke, Maud was watching over her.

Maud had been hired to track down Cornelius and she couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for Magdalena's death. If she had found him sooner, perhaps Magdalena would still be living an ordinary human life. Maud gave Magdalena her business card and the two became friends.

Magdalena is a friend of Eden and Marigold and a member of the Jfashion comm since before her death. She is currently navigating her uncertain new after life with the help of her friends.

On occasion, she teams up with Maud for custom Ghostly Services and is considering making her own busniess cards offering Vampiric Services for hire.

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