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Souldoll Yeon-Bee on Luts KDF type 2 body




30th November

Star Sign:




Marigold is a quiet but friendly soul. She spends much of her time working as a librarian in her local community run library and book shop. She also has a love for sewing and takes on commisions as a freelance seamstress. She lives with her friend Eden in Newbridge and, though they love each other dearly, their differing personalities and ideals can sometimes cause drama. Marigold is hopeless romantic but has yet to find her dream girl. A fashion enthusiast, Marigold has been interested in lolita fashion and related Japanese street fashions since she was 15 and she started her local J fashion comm. Their favourite meeting spot is the Bridge Cafe, located in the city bridge. Because of this, they nickname themselves Troll Club, as mythical trolls are said to be found under bridges. All Marigold's J fashion friends come to her for coord advice. Her favourite styles are old school and J punk.

daisy and marigold outside
Marigold sitting
Marigold outside
Marigold standing

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