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Maud Mavis James


Souldoll Paratiisi on Doll Family H 58cm Girl Body


32 (upon death)




2019 (head) - (body)

Star Sign:




Maud is a ghost, drowned by her husband when he grew bored of her and wanted a new, younger wife.

In her afterlife she provides ghostly services to paying customers. Her business card reads as follows;

Maud Mavis James. Ghostly Services: Hauntings, Poltergeisting and Children's Parties.

In need of a ghost to revenge haunt your sexist boss? Maud can provide that. Perhaps a bit of poltergeisting to frighten your toxic ex? Or perhaps you just want some ghostly fun for a party. Give Maud a call and she'll come up with a ghostly experience tailored to suit your needs and budget.

She resides in an old attic, beribboned with cobwebs and spiders. She consistently manifests as twice the size of any living human. In life she was always made to feel small and helpless, she refuses to spend her after life doing the same.

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