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Character Name:

Shin Takahashi

Character Age:



Dollzone Mo




MSD 45cm


23rd March



Star Sign:




Shin is another member of Troll Club and Sunflower Gyarusa. He loves center guy / sentaa guy fashion and his favourite brand is Alba Rosa. He also sometimes like to mix punk styles into his look. He recently moved from Japan to attend university in the UK. He is studying mathmatics at Newbridge University. This is how he met Eden and was introduced to Troll Club.

Shin is a bit of an enimgma to his friends. Not much is known about him, he's very much a closed book. He is a guy of few words, but in a comfortable laid back kind of way, never awkward. He exudes a quiet self confidence that draws people to him.

Several of the girls in his circle have crushes on him and were very dissapointed to discover that he is gay.

As for Shin himself, he doesn't currently have a romantic connection with anyone, but he's very close to Milly. They hang out a lot, somtimes sharing a cigarette, and he finds himself thinking about her often, sending her messages with photos of random things that remind him of her.

shin sunbathing
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shin and milly smoking
shin and milly smoking
shin and milly smoking
shin and milly smoking

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