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Character Name:

Robert Mayberry

Character Age:



Dollshe Hound on Luts Senior Delf Type 3 Body




SD 60cm


17th February



Star Sign:




Doll Notes

Dollshe Hound has been my grail doll for years and I'm over the moon to finally have him!

When I first wanted this doll, I was planning to make up a character especially for the doll, to fit in with the rest of my J Fashion crew, but once I decided to start shelling characters from my own pre existing fictional universe, I realised he'd be perfect for this character. This decision really added fire to my search for him and I was thrilled when I found one for sale. His long nose and slight smile really suit the character and fit with how I imagine him to look.

I have always wanted the old Hound body too, but I knew this wouldn't be right for the character as he would end up much too tall. My girlfriend and I had great fun trying the head on all the different bodies we own and taking measurements of all kinds, trying to decide what body would suit him best. She has a Luts Senior Delf type 2 body and when we tried his head with that found it was a great fit! It was just a bit too muscular for my character, so she told me about the less muscular type 3. As soon as I had decided to get this body however, we discovered it had been discontinued! Devasatated, I took to the second hand market and I resigned myself to a long search. Unbelievably, that very same day I discovered one for sale on Facebook, listed only a few days ago! It was also pretty cheap, because of it's old, damaged and modified condition. Luckliy, old damaged dolls are my favourite kind, and any yellowing would be a bonus, as the head I already had was quite yellow too.

When he arrived I discovered that he had lovely blushed hands, which was a unexpected bonus. The hot glue sueding, however, is the worst I have ever seen and I'm still trying to remove it all so I can do a better job! It's not really a big deal though, as it's generally hidden underneath his long sleeves and trousers.

Character Notes

Robert Mayberry is a 28 year old professor of paleontology at Angel College in Cambridge. He is friendly but awkward and devotes most of his time to books and his cat. He only has one close friend, his cousin Susan. He rarely strays outside of his comfort zone, which has left him feeling a litle empty and in a bit of a rut in recent years.

He is a great disappointment to his large family of lawyers and doctors, who hoped he would go into one of the family's preferred professions- the only two that they deem acceptable. He and Susan attend dreadful family dinners monthly, where their dominating grandmother takes great pleasure in picking apart their characters.

He is gay and not out to his family, apart from Susan.

He lives above a sweet shop with his cat, Darwin, and loves trying new sweets. His favourites are popping candy and anything chocolate.

His favourite dinosaur is the stegosaurus and he is obsessed with the evolution of all cat like lifeforms.

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