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Character Name:

Robert Matherson

Character Age:



Dollshe SA Husky (nose modded by Mori Dolls)




SD 70cm





Star Sign:




I am so so happy to finally own this doll! Along with Hound, Husky has been on my wishlist for years.

As with Hound, when I initially began looking for this doll, I was intending to make character once the doll arrived, possibly a boyfriend for my first doll KYM, but once I had decided to shell all the characters from my own fictional universe, I realised that both the old Hound body and the Husky head would be perfect for this character. Amazingly, I managed to find the exact head I wanted quite quickly after I decided to shell this character. I bought him from Mori Dolls, who also does faceups and mods, so I was able to get them to mod his nose to better match his character. He did a really amazing job and I'm definately going to commision him again if I need doll mods that I'm uncomfortable doing myself.

I still had little hope of finding the body, as it had suddenly become much rarer and more expensive, but someone who I have bought a doll from before messaged me on DOA in response to an old ISO post asking if I was still looking for a doll on the old Hound body. I was so excited! They sold me the entire doll for a very reasonable price, even though I suppose I didn't really need the head it came with but I just couldn't resist! (The head in question is a regular Husky head, so perhaps KYM will have a boyfriend after all.)

The head and body are very different ages, with the body being much older, so the resin colours did not match well at all. When doing the faceup, I attempted to blush the head to match and was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. I'd never tried to colour math before, so I was especially pleased.

Matherson is a 40 year old professor of anthropology and archeology at Angel college. His particular area of interest is mythology, something he has been fascinated with since childhood. Matherson tends to be quite serious, but certain people can bring out his lighter side, once they become close, especially those with more playful personalities.

Matherson has a wife, Hazel, who is a retired ballet dancer and they have two teenage daughters together, Hyacinth and Evelyn. Hazel is very seriously ill, something that Matherson is not coping well with. Like his wife, Matherson also has an interest in dance- the two attended ballet classes together as children. He does both ballet and pole and sometimes performs at Samuelson's parties.

Matherson has made many unforgivable mistakes in his life, and carries a lot of shame and self loathing because of this. He chain smokes to take the edge off and is a serial adulterer. He comes from a family of tailors, so is always very finely dressed, despite not being well off.

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