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Millicent AKA Milly


Dollzone Vampire Yuri




10th October



Star Sign:



Bi, Demi

Milly is a fine art student at Newbridge university. She is adopted and knows nothing about her heritage, but suspects that she's at least part gutter ghoul, due to her unsual green complexion.

At school, she is working on a project involving various diferent kinds of moss and encouraging them to grow on all sorts of sculptures, paintings and photographs.

Around people she is unfamiliar with, Milly is very quiet, often saying nothing at all. However, around people she is comfortble with, she is very chatty, making lots of silly jokes and puns.

She likes to give little gifts to her friends, often things she's made herself, like bracelets or art pieces. She has a soft, gentle speaking voice and loves to sing, though never as a performance. She will often sing to herself as she makes her art, forgetting that people can hear her.

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