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Magikademia Thaliea with male chest modification done by the artist. Faceplate modifications by Mori Dolls.




SD 54cm





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Doll Notes

Most of my dolls exist in a world I have created especially for them. I buy dolls I like and then create characters for them. However, I have lots of other characters that live in my head that I wish I could have in doll form.

Samuelson is a character that I thought I could never find a doll to fit, because of his physique. So, when I saw this doll I was immediately in love! I just knew they would be perfect for Samuelson! The downside of course was that the doll was female, but I figured I could dress around this. However, when I asked the artist about the possibility of a male version, they said they had actually been wanting to try making a male chest piece for this doll, so I was even more excited!

I went to the 2023 UK BJD Con with my girlfriend and we got to see these dolls in person, something we had been especially looking forward to. However, neither of us had managed to save enough to buy one. It wasn't until later that we thought to ask for a layaway, and the creator was kind enough to arrange layaways with us both! My girlfriend has a character she also needed this body type for, so we were both very excited.

The chest modification is amazing and it's so exciting to have a doll that looks like one of my favourite OCs!

Character Notes

Samuelson is a very rich very flamboyant character with an intense interest in art and history. He lives in a stately home he inherited from his uncle, where he hosts extravagant parties in the central ballroom. An entire wing of his house has been converted into a museum/gallery/library and he allows free access to all the local students to help them in their studies.

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