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15th August 2023

When Good Omens season 2 dropped, me and my bestie/flatmate just had to watch it at once! I loved it so much and as soon as we finished, I remembered that me and my girlfriend never finished watching the first season together.

I knew that she would love the show so, over the weekend when she came to visit, we settled in with snacks and hot chocolate and watched the entire first season together. This was my third watch through of season 1 and I love it more each time!

As expected, Alice loved it and naturally anything we enjoy we end up relating back to our ultimate passion- lolita fashion.

I made coords for her from her wardrobe, and she made coords for me from mine!

Apologies to any graphic designers whose souls are hurt by the horrible layout of these collages, especially mine!

My Coords For Alice


pink x cream coord

All of the Aziraphale coords I made for Alice use this same Sheglit OP, because she had been wondering how to coordinate it and wanted some inspo. We thought the dress had an angelic look to it and would be great for Aziraphale.

Alice is a big fan of pink and sweet x classic styles, so I had that in mind making this coord for her.

The concept is a blushing Aziraphale, looking adoringly at Crowley. An additional (unintentional) fun detail is that the cardigan has apples on it, like the apples in Eden!

She really liked this coord and is planning on wearing it to an upcoming meet.

brown x cream coord

Looking through Alice's wardrobe, I was determined to use this waistcoat, because I thought it was very Aziraphale. I felt the waistcoat needed something with a collar to work, rather than just layer it directly over the collarless OP, so I had the idea to layer the blouse over top of the OP, turning into a skirt and blouse combo. I added brown details into the coord for bookshop vibes. The bag is pretty roomy, so you could fit quite a few books inside!

I think this coord is probably the most experimental one I made for Aziraphale, but I think it could still work!

gold x cream coord

For a look inspired by the traditional long-white-gown-wearing angel, I tried to make the most elegant and classic look of the bunch. The bonnet resembles a halo and the gold accents in the coord give it a more celestial feel.

I cheated a little with this one because the Belle Dreams angel necklace featured actually belongs to me and not Alice, but I figure she can always borrow it for this coord.

white x cream coord

Like the previous look, I wanted this coord to have the feel of a traditional angel but, instead of all cream, this time I added in white. I really enjoy the colour combination of white and cream, and it's a very angelic colour pallete, so I thought it was perfect for this concept.

The idea was that flowers in the veil represent the garden of Eden. The whole look is very pure and typically angelic, reflective of the innocence of both Aziraphale and Adam and Eve at this point in the story. Of course, as we know, that didn't last long!

cream coord

Another white and cream look, but with a different mood.

Alice loves turtlenecks and I thought this one from her wardrobe was a great colour match for the dress we were coordinating.

As I was trying to make as many coords with this one dress as possible, this was my attempt at a slightly more toned down look for it.

The vibe here is Aziraphale in his every day life on earth, still smartly dressed but just off out to enjoy some sushi perhaps.


white coord white coord

Kuro looks with Alice's wardrobe proved to be much harder to make than the lighter colour palette ones, so I had the idea for Crowley to start with his angelic form. Plus, I really wanted to coord this new JSK Alice got from Jamgelic recently.

I made two versions of this look- one with a blouse and one without. Alice is a stickler for a blouse, so I made the blouse option with that in mind, however I prefer the blouseless one. Surprisingly, when I showed her the looks, she agreed with me! I also figure a blouseless look is more Crowley in spirit, as he doesn't blindly follow the Almighty's plan. I cheated with the Belle Dreams necklace again, but I did it once so I can do it again.

I should have added white wristcuffs to this look but, as I hate wearing wristcuffs myself, I always forget them when I'm designing coords for Alice!

black coord

Both Aziraphale and Crowley (and a whole host of angels) wear great suits in the show, so I used the black waistcoat to reflect that. I was going to use Alice's Innocent Wolrd trousers for an ouji look, but decided to make it a bit more experimental with the dress instead.

I think Crowley would rock this look if he wore it, I'd love to see him in kuro lolita!

black x white coord

The white Jamgelic JSK returns! I think this one is my favourite I did for Crowley. I love the sort of reverse goth colour scheme and the concept of him being being secretly a good guy, despite appearances.

I'm not sure wether black or white socks would work the best with this (or maybe black with white lace tops?) but I chose the white for now. If Alice wears this one then she can choose which socks work best in real life. Sometimes that's a bit hard to guage with a coord collage.

Alice's Coords For Me


gold x white coord

Alice gave all the coords she made fun titles, which kind of makes me wish I'd done the same! The title of this one is an in joke based on a ridiculous D.I.A cutsew we once found on Mercari, featuring art of Jesus and a slogan which read 'JESUS ME SO HOLY.'

This coord is inspired by a traditional angel look, with all the white and hints of gold.

She chose the crown to represent a halo and the jewellery with a prominent circle design to reflect the same. I think the blouse she chose also kind of looks like angel wings.

Upon writing this, I'm also just now noticing that the necklace somewhat resembles the infamous one worn by Earring Magic Ken, and we all know what that means!

cream coord

Alice made sure to tell me that she ignored grammar and deliberately mispelled 'holiest' just to make the title sound funny.

With the music notes theme, I think the concept is an angelic choir. The suit shoes and boxy bag are more like Aziraphale on earth, so this coord is like a meeting of his heavenly and earthly selves. The crocheted bolero over the OP looks like wings!

brown x cream coord

I love the name of this one. The part in the bookshop where Gabriel pretends he wants to buy some 'material objects' is so funny.

The material objects in question of course are books! So, this coord mixes in brown elements to give the vibe of Aziraphale's bookshop. I think it looks very cosy with the jumper and shawl, perfect for getting comfy in a bookshop. The shawl also gives the impression of angel wings!

I have a red and gold book shaped bag, but Alice said, even though she considered it, she ultimately didn't use it because she couldn't bear to not have the bag match the rest of the colour scheme. I think I might sneak the book bag into the coord anyway, because I'm a demon.

cream x white coord

This one is so sad, I don't want Aziraphale to cry!

This one is inspired by their breakup argument at the bandstand. The pearls and the round shape of the coat pom poms represent Aziraphale's tears (I'm so sad!) I'm guessing the heart bag represents his love for Crowley.

I love this concept but I hate this concept and now I want to give Aziraphale and Crowley a hug.


black bunny coord

On to something more fun- this is what Crowley would wear if he was meeting Aziraphale in Harajuku in 2004. Such a cool idea!

Alice was inspired by all their meetings through the ages and now I desperately want to see them meeting in 00s Harajuku! Perhaps it's time for some fan art. I wonder what Aziraphale's counterpart would be for this look? Perhaps he would have the white version of the bunny bag to match!

black x white coord

The title made me laugh so much. The part where Crowley sings his demon lullaby to Warlock is one of my favourite moments and I adore his Nanny disguise!

I want to wear all the coords Alice made me, but this is the one I want to wear most of all. I love all the layers and I definately can see the inspiration from Crowley's Nanny look. The sensible shoes, big bag, bonnet and lace gloves definately give that Nanny feel.

black coord

Crowley means business! I had never considered before how the Moitie bat bag could be demon wings but I absolutely love that! It's like a demon briefcase.

The built in cape of the coat also kind of looks like wings, plus the black feathers in the hat are like demon wings too!

black coord

I don't know why it's called that but it is very funny and I'm sure I can guess.

In terms of concept, this one seems kind of like the last one but levelled up. The ultra demonic coord! I actually wore this blouse for a Crowley inspired look recently, I love the pointy collar. It definately has something demonic about it. Sadly it's summer here at the moment and, even though it's been a very cold and wet one even for the UK. I think I will have to wait until autumn to wear this with all it's layers.

Thanks for stopping by!

We had so much fun putting together these looks. Which is your favourite? If you like, you can tell me by writing in my guestbook! I'm so excited to watch season 2 with Alice. I haven't stopped thinking about Good Omens since watching season 2 the first time! Diving into an interest head on can bring so much joy.

Until next time!

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