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November 2020

When a second lockdown was announced here in the UK, my girlfriend and I decided it would be best for us to spend this one together. I'd been planning to visit her soon anyway, but now suddenly the date was moved forward and I'd be staying for at least a month, so I had to pack carefully.

I had two main things in mind when packing my lolita.

1) I wanted all my items to be comfortable enough to lounge in. Every item I packed (lolita and non lolita included) had to double as loungewear. Comfort is key!

2) I wanted all my items to match, so I had to choose a cohesive colour scheme. I decided on pink x black x white.

Although skirts would have added more versatility to my wardrobe, I chose all dresses because I find them the most comfortable. My heart apron I brought so I could twin with my girlfriend at some point and also it adds interest to all my main pieces. As I had already decided to bring my RRM T-shirt and parka as loungewear, I figured I could also experiment with layerying these with my main pieces.

Main Pieces

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Tartan Check JSK, 2002

pink tartan check jsk

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Gingham Check OP, 2005

gingham dress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Poodle Parade JSK, 2003

black and white poodle print dress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Heart Apron, 2005

black and white heart apron


Metamorphose Blouse, 2000

cross lace blouse

Innocent World Square Neck Blouse

white square neck blouse

R.R Memorandum Logo T-Shirt, 2020

R R Memorandum logo print t shirt


R.R Memorandum Logo Hooded Parka, 2020

white and black hoodie

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Hooded Bear Ear Bolero, 2006

black and white bear ear bolero


R.R Memorandum Little Mouse Ribbon Bloomers, 2020

white bloomers


Angelic Pretty

pink best bow

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1999

pink rectangle headdress

Selfmade Bear Ear Headdress

pink bear ear headdress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

white headdress


black and white headdress

Angelic Pretty

black best bow

Other Headwear

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

white bonnet

R.R Memorandum Pom Pom Ribbon Beret, 2020

pink beret


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Gingham Tie

pink tie

Self Made Tie

black tie


Angelic Pretty Fancy Melody Embroidery Border Knee Socks, 2008

Metamorphose Stripe Knee Socks with Lace, 2006

Bodyline Socks

Innocent World Pearl Flower Socks, 2008

pink striped socks pink striped socks bodyline dotted socks black and white flower socks

Innocent World Lace Top Calf Socks

black and white lace top socks

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