7th January 2022

It's Wardrobe Post Season again! Last year I made a blog post highlighting my dream dresses. This year I decided to do a post highlighting my most worn dresses of 2021.

This year it was a five-way tie for my most worn main peice... and every single one is by Meta! Guess what my favourite brand is?

Metamorphose Temps De Fille Biscuit Print OP, 2007

biscuit dress

First up is this super comfy and versatile biscuit dress.

I wore this dress very casually this year, so I don't have any full coordinate photos of it. The cut is so comfy, I often just wear it as loungewear! I find the neckline is very flattering too.

I've had this dress for a long time now. I bought it as a treat for myself after a difficult situation following a breakup finally came to an end.

There's nothing quite like the cosy feeling of putting on a favourite dress for no other reason than to make yourself happy, and that was this dress for me this year. Just cosy cups of tea and staying safe at home.

biscuit coords

Metamorphose Temps De Fille Mini Floral Print JSK, 2002

beige floral jsk

This dress really had it's moment in the spotlight this year as I wore it myself in three different coords, which were all a bit experimental, and on top of that my girlfriend wore it to model for our friend's brand!

I loved pattern mixing with this piece this year, mixing it with Meta Bouquet print items and playing up the navy blue ribbon details. I love how, in lots of old school pieces, the ribbons aren't quite the same shade as the rest of the dress, so I enjoyed bringing out that design element with some of my coords.

I also tried styling it in a mori kei / natural kei kind of way for the first time, and I really liked the result. It also turned out to be a great way to stay warm! As usual, I was determined to stretch out picnic season as long as possible, so I wore this to have a little cup of tea in the November sunshine by myself. I felt very Anne of Green Gables.

The first coord I wore for a long distance Valentine's day date with my girlfriend. We went on a digital tour of Laforet, using Google Maps and Zoom. We had some packages to open together, so when we 'visited' each brand store, we opened our items from that brand, as if we were shopping! We also had a cake break in the cafe. It was a really fun and unique way to spend the day. Various lockdowns have kept us apart at times, but I'm thankful to the internet age we live in, being able to make the most of being long distance this way.

beige meta coords

Metamorphose Temps De Fille Lovely Alphabet Short Sleeve OP, 2005

pink dress

This dress is so obnoxiously pink, I adore it! I initially fell in love with the blue colourway of this same dress, but this one was listed really cheaply for ages and I finally decided to buy it- a decision I certainly haven't regretted since! The mix of bright colours makes it so much fun to coordinate.

The first coordinate I did with it was for a long distance date with my girlfriend, in which we opened some L.O.L Surprise dolls together, so I wanted to go for a very fun OTT look. I maximized the bright pink by incorporating as much pink as I could, including some neon! I even made some accessories from L.O.L Surprise items.

The next time I wore this dress was for a casual socially distanced picnic with my mum. I styled it in a much more laid back, typically 2006 kind of way. I felt very content with this styling, it's more my usual vibe.

The other coord, I went for a crazy toy shop theme again, although I only wore it briefly around the house. I wanted to bring out more of the coloured elements in the print, so I wore it with a green cardigan and blue socks.

I haven't had this dress for very long, but I'm already in love with it. It's just so much fun to coordinate and it's got that wacky Meta feel to it for sure!

lovely alphabet coords

Metamorphose Temps De Fille Short Sleeve Maid OP, 2006

black and white dress

If I made this blog post every year, this dress would always be on here. It must be my most worn piece! Sometimes I wonder why I even own any other dresses, because I wear this one so much!

Although it's called 'Maid OP' I think this is the first time I've actually styled it in a maid look. Once for a cute afternoon tea with my best friend and then a second time to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time. A maid coordinate was just too perfect for such an event, I couldn't resist reaching for my favourite dress!

I also really enjoy layering cutsews over this dress, with the collar peeking out over the cutsew.

I really can't say enough great things about this dress, I swear my love grows for it every time I wear it! Plus, it's so comfy.

maid coords

Metamorphose Long Strawberry JSK, 2003

long strawberry dress

This dress was in last year's January post, as it's one of my dream dresses. I suppose it's good to know that I do in fact reach for my dream dresses to wear!

Because of it's long length, this one is great in the winter. I've never worn it to a fancy event, I always seem to wear it to things like my flu jab! (That was it's main event this year, haha.)

Wearing this dress always makes me feel really like myself, like I'm living my best lolita life.

strawberry coords

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my wardrobe. What were your most worn dresses of the last year? I hope 2022 brings you all health, happiness and fun coordinates!

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