2nd January 2024

It's that time of year again! Each year, for the past two years, I've looked back over my coords and tallied up which main peices I have most worn during the past year. I thought, why not keep the trend going? So, welcome to 2023's most worn dresses!

Last year was an absolute monster of a post, featuring eleven dresses in total! This year I only have three to share with you and, for the very first time, none of them are Meta! I was shocked!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Courdroy OP, 2003

floral dress

First up is this lovely black floral from Baby. It's one of my most comfortable dresses, so I suppose it makes sense that it ended up being one of my most worn this year. I especially love to wear it when it's cold outside- courdroy is such a nice cold weather fabric.

The first coord is actually my first one of the entire year! Just a casual and comfy outfit for browsing antiques. Unconventionally, I wore this green fluffy coat I'd just gotten for Christmas, even though I have lolita coats I could have worn instead, but the coat matches my faded green hair and it's so soft and cosy. I just couldn't resist wearing it as soon as possible. I think it works for a casual look. The handmade pig bag makes the look fun.

The second look is pretty toned down too, because I had an awful headache that day! I got dressed to go to a Tubular Bells 50th anniversary concert. If it had been any other event I would have cancelled and stayed in bed, but I'd been looking forward to attending this concert with my family for over a year and would have been heart broken to miss it. Luckily, with the help of some anadin and my sunglasses, my headache eased and I really enjoyed the show. It was amazing to hear songs played live that I've enjoyed since my childhood.

Because of my headache, I coorded the dress as simply as possible- no headwear, cosy cardigan, comfy shoes and socks. The only notable addition is my companion, Peepy, who is safely holstered in the leash I knitted him. He likes to attend shows when he can, so I took him along with me. Plus, I always think plush friends make cute accesories in lolita coordinates, and his leash kind of matches some of the flowers in the print.

floral coords

Heart E Picket Striped 3-Tier Ruffle JSK, 2002

striped jsk

In contrast to the previous, more wintery dress, we now have a very summery piece. Although I have worn this dress layered up in a winter coord in the past, both these coords are very summery ones I wore on hot days this year.

The first look I wore to a picnic. I paired it with my Jane Marple zoo jacket (my favourite Jane Marple series for sure!) and matched the stripes on the sleeves with some striped crew socks.

The second look is another picnic outfit- this time for a date with my girlfriend. My parents had just bought me this adorable Squishmallow backpack as a surprise present, so I was determined to make a coord around it. It matches my hair when it's freshly dyed, so I already had some colour coordinating built in! The Jane Marple blouse brings the elements together, with it's various blues, greens and reds in the print. I was so happy to find these pelerine socks in my size this year! I have been after some for so long! They are perfect in the summer.

Interestingly, I have worn my apple girl brooch that I made from my own artwork in both these coords. I think I just really like how this dress looks coordinated with green. I also made the necklace I'm wearing in the second look.

heart e coords

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Millefeuille JSK, 2006

sax blue dress

This dress has revolutionised my wardrobe, I swear. I only bought it this year, but I'm not at all surprised to see it here on my most worn. I can't believe that once-upon-a-time I thought this dress was average and overrated. Now I own it myself and it's honestly one of my favourite things in my whole wardrobe! Millefeuille, I'm sorry- I take back every bad thing I ever said about you.

Looks like that Jane Marple blouse was pretty popular this year, as here it is again! I just love all the colours in the print- I'd really like to get more printed blouses in my wardrobe. This might be one of my favourite looks of the year, I felt very cute in it. I love red as an accent colour, perhaps because I love berries, so that was the theme for this look. A friend told me I looked like a Strawberry Shortcake character and I can totally see what she means!

I was also a big fan of hats this year. The hat I'm wearing here is actually an Alba Rosa bucket hat from my gal wardrobe. I have folded the peak back to style it in a more country lolita kind of way. It's a surprisingly good colour match for this dress!

The second look is my winter international lolita day coordinate. I just wanted to be comfortable as possible that day, so I coordinated it with some of my favourite items- a Baby cutsew and stripy Meta socks (both of which, I confess, I actually pulled out of my dirty laundry basket- it was just that kind of day!) Pink x sax is such a pretty colour combination. To make the look more fun, I added my silly Shirley Temple cat scarf. I really like how it turned out, I felt happy and comforted to be wearing so many of my favourite things.

sax coords

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed this little look back over some of my coordinates this year. I hope 2024 brings you happiness, love and all the frills you can handle!

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