31st July 2023

Earlier this year my best friend planned a Pokemon themed lolita meet, which was so much fun. We all watched Pokemon movies and ate Pokemon themed snacks. Naturally, many people wore Pokemon themed coordinates.

I based my coord on one of my favourite Pokemon- Mareep!

Mareep Coord

I enjoyed making this coord so much that I decided I wanted to make more coords based on other Pokemon and I thought a fun way to begin would be to use a random generator! Here's what I came up with.


Weepinbell coord

Off to a wobbly start- this is probably my least favourite coord of the day, but I was just getting started.

I like Weepinbell's colours of yellow, green and pink together, but I think this JSK is a bit bright and busy for the look I was aiming for. I'd really like a non printed yellow JSK, but they're not very easy to come by. Maybe I should make one!

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele coord

With it's awesome black and pink colour scheme, Tapu Lele was much easier to coord than Weepinbell. Black and pink is actually one of my favourite colour combos!

There are several shades of pink in Tapu Lele, so I tried to include multiple bright and pastel pinks in this look. Tapu Lele kind of looks like it's wearing a hat, so I chose a beret to finish the look.



Green and pink is another one of my favourite colour combinations! I wouldn't have thought pair an almost all pink look with this green cardigan, but I actually think it's really effective- or should I say 'super effective!'

This one is probably my favourite of the bunch, I'm definately planning on wearing it!

I've never really paid attention to Grovyle before, but making this coord has made me appreciate it more- it's actually a very cute Pokemon!


Umbreon coord

One of my friends did an amazing Umbreon coord for the Pokemon meet and mine is nowhere near as cool as theirs, but I did my best with what I have in my wardrobe.

Even though the jewellry is lion themed, I chose to use it in the coord because of the round hoops that look like the markings on Umbreon.

This coord truned out quite regal in theme, which kind of works for Umbreon because I think it's a rather sophisicated looking Pokemon.


Bagon coord

Bagon is such a ridiculous looking Pokemon- what is going on with it's strange hat/hair/crest? I thought it would be fun to represent that feature in the coord, so I chose to use my favourite bonnet. It made me laugh because I couldn't help imagining Bagon in a cute bonnet!

Gingham is great, I think the two colours of gingham together look cute and fun.

I think I'll have to try on this coord to see if it works in real life, but I like the colour scheme and concept.


Ariados coord

This one was quite difficult. I wasn't able to include any purple elements, as I don't currently have anything like that in my wardrobe, but that's OK. Even though all the colours look cool in the Pokemon, I'm not sure they'd look so good in a coord together.

I stuck to mostly red with a pop of yellow. Inspired by it's striped legs, I used striped socks, which I think look quite fun!


Duosion coord

I've actually used this JSK in a Pokemon coord before! Way back in 2018, my best friend hosted another Pokemon meet and I was Venusaur.

Because of it's see-through, jelly like body, I chose floaty fabrics to represent this Pokemon.

Unfortunately I haven't taken photos of all my ankle socks, so I just had to write them in here, but hopefully you get the picture.

Thanks for stopping by!

I really enjoyed making these coords, it's was a fun activity to do in bed whilst I was feeling unwell. I reccomend it! Perhaps I will do more Pokemon looks in the future. I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. Perhaps you would like to make a coord based on your favourite Pokemon? Feel free to tell me what you thought of these looks in my guestbook. Happy coording!

Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre