OP & Bunny Charm- Meta. Shawl- Handmade by my Grandma. Socks & Shoes- Bodyline. Bag- Thrifted. Strawberries- Selfmade.

meta cherry coord

Love Letter

Skirt- Moitie. Blouse- IW. Socks- AatP. Bag & Cane- Vintage. Hat- Thrifted. Brooch- Peppermint Fox. Shoes- Offbrand (New Look)

long black skirt coord

Pom Pom Purin

OP- Meta. Socks & Shoes- Bodyline. Beret- Ebay. Hair Accessories- Poundland & Ali Express. Badge- Selfmade. Pom Pom Purin Charm- Gift.

biscuit dress coord

Strawberry Mood

OP- BTSSB. Cardigan- AP. Socks- IW. Bag- La Luice. Shoes- Clarks. Hair Clip- Offbrand (Ali Express)

gingham berry coord


Cutsew & Hoodie- Putumayo. Skirt & Bag- Meta. Headdress- IW. Shoes- Hotter. Socks- Offbrand (Tesco)

black whte and red putumayo coord

Gingham Sweetheart

OP & Apron- BTSSB. Headdress- R.R Memorandum. Socks- IW. Bag- La Luice. Shoes- Hotter.

heart apron gingham coord


OP & Headdress- BTSSB. Socks- Offbrand. Shoes- Sosic Shop.

simple snow white coord

I Love You

Cutsew- Peace Now. Skirt- Meta. Headbow- AP. Socks- BTSSB. Choker- Selfmade. Bag- La Luice. Fishnets & Boots- Offbrand.

red and black valentines coord

Fairy Prince

OP- AP. Coat- BTSSB. Socks- IW. Shoes- Hotter. Bag- La Luice. Bow Clip- Offbrand

green floral coord


T-Shirt & Headdress- RRM. Skirt & Phone Pouch- Meta. Bunny Pouch- Selfmade. Socks- IW. Fishnets- Offbrand. Shoes- Demonia.

black and white T shirt coord


T-Shirt- RRM. Skirt- Meta Crown Label. Bag- Vintage. Facemask- Etsy. Choker- Selfmade. Sandals- Softlites. Hat- Claire's.

casual T-shirt coord

Strawberry Scented Anxiety

JSK, Blouse- Meta. Bonnet- Chocochip Cookie. Bag- La Luice. Socks- Innocent World. Shoes- Demonia.

long strawberry coord

What Would Mana Do?

OP- Bodyline. Bonnet- Meta. Bag- Moi Meme Moitie. Shoes- Demonia. Rosary- Vintage. Tights & Gloves- Offbrand.

black gothic coord

Old Friends

Skirt & Apron- Meta. Blouse- Jane Marple. Headdress- BTSSB. Necklace- Vintage. Socks- Bodyline.

cherry apron coord

Mostly Meta

OP, Blouse, Headdress, Underskirt, Bloomers, Socks & Bag- Meta. Shoes- Yosuke USA.

pink meta coord

New Horizons

OP & Underskirt- Meta. Bow- AP. Socks- Bosyline. Shoes- Hotter. Bag & Accessories- Vintage.

nautical meta coord

Social Distance

OP, Cutsew & Socks- Meta. Headdress- BTSSB. Shoes- Yosuke USA. Bag- Handmade by friend.

easter lockdown coord


Skirt- AP. Top, Tie & Headdress- BTSSB. Socks & Bloomers- Meta. Shoes- Yosuke USA. Bag- Kipling.

pink yosuke

Kiss Me

OP- BTSSB. Blouse & Bloomers- Meta. Socks & Headdress- IW. Bag- La Luice. Shoes- Hotter.

floral date outfit

Stick It

Skirt & Top- Meta. Bag- Milk. Socks- IW. Headdess- BTSSB. Shoes- Sosic Shop.

gingham meta skirt coord


OP & Bag- Meta. Socks- IW. Tie- Self-Made. Bloomers & Bolero - Offbrand. Shoes- Hotter.

black pink gingham

Starcastle Mirage

JSK & Bag- AP. Coat & Usakumya- BTSSB. Blouse, Tights & Shoes- Taobao. Socks- Bodyline.

castle mirage

Winnie The Pooh

Skirt- Jane Marple. Underskirt- Meta. Shoes- Bodyline. Bag Charm- Meta. Pins- RSPB. Jewellery- Vintage. Hairclips- Selfmade. Socks- Offbrand. Bag- Thrifted.

winnie the pooh

Cup Of Tea

JSK & Headdress- BTSSB. Blouse- MAM. Socks- AP. Shoes- Angelic Imprint. Bag- Princesse Bow Peep. Bloomers & Petticoat- Meta

easter coord


JSK- IW. Blouse- MAM. Headdress & Bag- BTSSB. Socks- Bodyline. Shoes- Offbrand.

innocent world floral

Manifesteange Adventure

Skirt, Bag & Top- Meta. Socks- IW. Headdress- BTSSB. Shoes- Offbrand.


Winter Doll

JSK- Bodyline. Coat & Headdress- BTSSB. Blouse- Meta. Bag & Brooches- Vintage.

bodyline coord


OP, Socks & Bloomers- Meta. Tie & Headdress- BTSSB. Shoes- Demonia. Bag- Princess Bow Peep.

alt easter

First Rose

OP & Headdress- Meta. Bags- Moitie. Shoes- Demonia.

meta rose

Old School Birthday

Skirt- Moitie. Blouse- BTSSB. Socks- IW. Shoes- Demonia. Headdress- Bodyline. Bunny- Meta. Bag- Thrifted.

old school birthday


Skirt- MAM. Headdress- BTSSB. T shirt- Girugamesh Official Merch. Long Sleeve Top- offbrand customised. Shoes- Demonia. Bag- Offbrand With Official Band Merch. Long Necklace- Handmade By Friend. Girugamesh Choker- Selfmade.


Happy Scallop

JSK- BTSSB. Socks & Blouse- IW. Bow- AP. Shoes- Demonia. Bag- Offbrand.

hem scallop

Embroidered Heart

JSK- Meta. Blouse- IW. Bag- AP. Headdress- BTSSB. Cardigan, Legwear & Shoes- Offbrand.

heart pocket embroidery


JSK & Blouse- Innocent World. Socks- AatP. Necklace- Curiology. Hat- Restyle. Bag, Cape & Brooch- Offbrand.


Halloween Candy

OP & Bag- Meta. Socks- IW. Bow- AP. Shoes- Demonia.

halloween candy

I Heart U

Apron- BTSSB. JSK, Blouse, Headdress & Socks- IW. Shoes- Demonia. Bag- AP.

heart apron coord

Rose Cage

Skirt & Bag- Meta. Blouse & Headdress- BTSSB. Socks- AatP. Shoes- Hotter.

rose cage skirt

Zero Taste

Skirt- MAM. Socks & Headdress- BTSSB. Top & Accessories- Vintage. Bag- Thrifted.

dolphin coord

Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre