beige bird gobelin jsk

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Bird Gobelin JSK


Handmade by a friend

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When I first saw my friend wearing this beautiful JSK she had made, I thought it was the prettiest thing she'd ever sewn. Imagine my delight when several years later she put it up for sale!

The bird patterned gobelin fabric is stunning, it makes me smile just to look at. The dress itself is really comfortable, I recently wore it to an online wardrobe tour meet and I was comfy enough in it all day, even after the meet had finished.

The friend who made this JSK has now founded her own brand, R.R Memorandum. She also made this Heart Pocket JSK that I bought at the same time.


lace detail lace detail chest detail
fabric detail



Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre