Rectangle Headdresses

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

white headdress

Handmade By Friend, 2019

ivory headdress

Long Ears Sharp Ears The Kingdom Of Fairies Headdress, 2017

fairy kingdom headdress

Unknown (gift from friend)

green oval headdress

Handmade By Friend, 2021

pink and blue rectangle headdress

Handmade (not by me) Headdress

dusky pink headdress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1999

pink rectangle headdress

Bodyline Rose Headdress

pink and white bodyline rose headdress

Selfmade Bear Ear Headdress

pink bear ear headdress

Bodyline Headdress (red x white)


Bodyline Headdress

black and white bodyline headdress

R.R Memorandum Angel Wing Headdress, 2020

black and white winged headdress

Innocent World Headdress, 2001

Black and white Daisy lace headdress

Innocent World Headdress

black and white headdress

Selfmade Headdress

black and white headdress

Bodyline Headdress

black and blue bodyline headdress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Headdress

black headdress

Black Rose Headdress

black pleather headdress

Selfmade Rose Headdress

black rose headdress

Head Bows

Angelic Pretty Headbow

blue bow

Angelic Pretty Lovely Heart Ribbon Headbow, 2007

pink bow

Angelic Pretty

pink best bow

Angelic Pretty

red best bow

Peace Now

red tartan bow

Angelic Pretty

black best bow

R.R Memorandum Ribbon Ribbon Headdress (Leopard Print) 2020

leopard print head bow

R.R Memorandum Wildflower Corduroy Headbow, 2021

floral head bow

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Gingham Rose Ribbon Head Bow, 2007

gingham rose head bow

Angelic Pretty Toy Parade Headbow, 2007

black and pink bow

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Gingham Check Head Bow, 2005

gingham check head bow

Other Headdresses

Selfmade Bunny Ear Headdress

pink bunny ear headdress

Metamorphose Organdy Rose Round Headdress, 2001

white circle headdress

Metamorphose Crown Headdress with Pearls, 2006

white crown

Handmade by TroubleInTheMessageCentre

black and blue feather headdress

Metamorphose Organdy Rose Round Headdress, 2001

black circle headdress

Metamorphose Crown Headdress, 2004

black plush crown


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

white bonnet

Selfmade Frill Bonnet

white bonnet

Metamorphose Bouquet Print Bonnet, 2004

bouquet print bonnet

Selfmade Straw Bonnet

straw bonnet

Chocochip Cookie Strawberry Bonnet

black strawberry bonnet

Metamorphose Lace Bonnet, 2000

black lace bonnet


Handmade Mob Cap

white mob cap

Peacockalorum Pirate Hat

white pirate hat

Vintage Blue Hat

pale blue hat

Customised Blue Beret


Thrifted Straw Hat

straw hat

Animal Ear Hood

pink fluffy animal ear hood

R.R Memorandum Pom Pom Ribbon Beret, 2020

pink beret

Handmade By Friend Lace Beret

black and white lace beret

Offbrand Brown Beret

brown beret

Thrifted Brown Bowler Hat

brown bowler hat

Thrifted Black Feather Hat

black feather hat

Sweet Dreamer Hat


Vintage Bunny Hat

black and white bunny hat

Handmade (not by me) Bunny Ear Mob Cap

black and white rabbit ear mob cap

Heart E Bunny Ear Hat

black bunny ear hat


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Gingham Rabbit Tie

pink tie

Peace Now Chandelier Embroidery Tie

white tie

Self Made Tie

black tie


Angelic Pretty Parasol

cream parasol

Moschino Umbrella

pink umbrella

Innocent World Parasol

black parasol


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Milk-Chan's Macaron Ring, 2013

pink bunny ring

Néant Glass Black Coffin Set, 2020

coffin jewellery

Néant Glass x R.R Memorandum Lavender Coffin Ring, 2020

lavender coffin ring

Bittersweet Bunny Atelier Love Heart Gummy Set, 2021


Bittersweet Bunny Atelier Love Candy Rings, 2021


Angelic Pretty Dream Heart Macaron Necklace, 2012


Innocent World Moon and Star Pearl Necklace, 2015


H.Naoto Tartan Neck Corset

red tartan necklace


Swimmer Faux Fur Collar

pink fluffy collar

Milk Bustier


Innocent World Sock Toppers


Selfmade Sock Toppers

white lace sock toppers

H.Naoto Cuff

hot pink cuff

Buckle Cuff

black cuff

Event Badge

tea party club angelic pretty london badge

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Usakumya Scarf

black pom pom scarf

Upcycled Mini Apron

mini white apron

Offbrand Lace Gloves


Offbrand Lace Arm Warmers


Offbrand Lace Arm Warmers


Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre