beige gobelin rose dress

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Gobelin Rose JSK


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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I have loved this JSK for such a long time, but I could never decide what colour I liked best. All of them have such a different appeal to one another! Because of this, whenever it would come up for sale I would dither about wether to buy it. Was this the right colour for my life? And of course as soon as I decided, yes this one was the one for me, it was always too late. Finally when this beige one came up I decided enough dithering, just go for it! I think it's a truly beautiful dress. What old school lolita doesn't want to look like their grandma's sofa?

When it arrived it was in an awful state. The elastic in the sleeves was completely stretched out and the lace was almost brown, especially around the hem. I have since restored it to it's former glory.


hem detail bodice detail chest detail
print detail



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