black and white heart apron

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Heart Apron


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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This apron is a very special item to me. My girlfriend gave it to me as a random present when we were just becoming friends. We were talking about dream lolita items and I said I'd love to have a black and white heart apron one day. She was like 'oh! I have the black and white one too, but I don't wear it because I have the blue one. Do you want it?' Imagine my delight and surprise! I had no idea she even had this apron!

She'd bought it off a mutual friend, so it's travelled around our comm quite a bit. It's clearly been very well looked after. The lace is so white and crisp, it still looks brand new! I treasure it and I always feel so cute when I wear it.

This 2005 release is my favourite version of the heart apron, with it's daisy chain lace on the heart and heart lace around the edge.


hem detail heart detail lace detail


heart apron coord heart apron coord

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