gothic snow white print dress

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Just One Bite Jacquard JSK



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I had admired this print for years when Haenuli announced they were closing down. I was so pleased they were going to do one last preorder of so many of their prints before closing. This print is stunning. It's so detailed and the gothic style is very fitting for the story of Snow White (and an interesting stylistic contrast to my other Snow White themed dress!) This dress was available in either jacquard or chiffon and I just had to get this jacquard version. I love textured fabric. This fabric adds a whole other level of beauty to this print. The straps are detachable an it came with a little red ribbon brooch with a red apple charm. I forgot to photograph this, as it was pinned to the blouse I'd last worn with this dress.


print detail print detail print detail
bodice detail



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