mint fairy jsk

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Kingdom Of Fairy JSK


Long Ears, Sharp Ears

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This is the only lolita dress I have ever pre-ordered. I took forever deciding wether to geth the dark green colourway or the light green colour and I'm so glad I settled on the light green. The print is so detailed and interesting. The dress is very princessy and elegant. The gold trim is the only gold trim I've ever come across that I don't hate. It's pale gold, rather than bright gold, and it matches the colour in the print perfectly. I feel like a fairy princess in this dress.

Edit: I wore this dress to the 2017 Christmas tea party for my local comm, 6 years ago now, and I felt beautiful in it. However, since then, I've not worn it again. I think that it's not really my style anymore, so I sold it to my friend Enne. It's very much their style and I can't wait to see their coords with it! I can just picture them doing something very extravagant.


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