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Lampshade JSK



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My first (mostly) successful handmade dress. Truth be told, it's rather a mess on the inside, but nobody has to know that, right? I got the fabric on sale at a furniture store, the corset lacing is from a chocolate box and the ruffle hem was scavenged off an underskirt I didn't want. I call it my lampshade dress because the way the bottom ruffle hangs when worn puts me in mind of an old tassled lampshade. I wore this dress to a craft meet with my comm, where I met my future girlfriend for the first time in person. We bought snacks from poundland, bemoaned biscuit companies that unnecessarily put milk in their recipes (I'm allergic, she's vegan) and I told her she had an amazing nose. That's how you flirt with girls, ladies take note.


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