pink gloomy bear apron

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Gloomy Bear Apron


Handmade from a BTSSB pattern

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This apron has been on my wishlist forever, my top dream item! Of course, it's next to imppossible to find, so I never thought I would have it. However, as a complete fluke, I purchased the Kera issue with the pattern inside. I was so excited! Now I could make a gloomy bear apron of my very own! (For anyone interested, the magazine in question is Kera Maniax vol 3.)

I found the perfect fabric when I was out with my dad. He had taken me to get my covid booster jab and afterwards we went to the marketplace. Knowing it was closing down, my dad took me to a fabric stall where everything was super cheap on clearance. The fabric was only £ 2 per metre! Comparing it to actual BTSSB items I own, I'm shocked at how perfect the colour match is, I couldn't have planned it any better!

I still need to finish making the arms, but all those claws are taking a long time! I love this apron so much, it's my favourite thing I've ever made.


ribbon detail ear detail face detail



Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre