red fairy jsk

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Fairy Print JSK


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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My favourite print, (alongside the cherry and sunflower print.) A friend in another country saw it for sale in her local comm and offered to get it for me! A word of warning; the red on this print bleeds really badly. It's ok to be washed on a cold quick cycle, if it's constantly moving, but if you leave it to soak the dye bleeds everywhere. I found this out the hard way. It's not immediately obvious when you look at it by itself, but if you put it next to my black version of the same dress, you can see the lace on this one is rather pink. This dress looks great without a blouse in summer and I also love coording it with black for an edgier look. The straps can be worn straight or crossed over at the back for two different looks.


skirt detail strap detail



Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre