brown dress with animals and strawberries

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Strawberry Field Animals JSK


Innocent World

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Here's another dream dress. I love Innocent World's depictions of animals. I always think they look sort of sweetly demonic. Originally I was after the 2007 black colourway, but I thought I already had a lot of black in my wardrobe and the brown would be more interesting. I'm really glad I made that choice, the brown feels so classic. I bought this dress with the matching headbow and checked the tracking every day, so excited for it to arrive. Once in the UK the tracking didn't update for ages, so I called parcelforce to ask what was going on. A very unsympathetic woman told me over the phone that the van with my package in it had been stolen! I was so disapointed that my dream dress had been lost. Luckily I got refunded by my shopping service when I told them what had happened. A few days later, I found another for sale on Japanese Yahoo auctions. This time it had the 2010 beige socks with it, no headbow though. If it had been a UK sale, I'd have been suspiscious that it was my stolen dress, but it wasn't. I wonder what became of my stolen package? Side note- the most recent re-release in the red colourway is my most hated dress in all lolita fashion. The print just looks so hideous on the red background and you can barely see the strawberries!


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