mint sheep print dress

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Mary's Sweet Sheep Babydoll JSK


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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What's not to love about this adorable print? There's sheep, picnics, baskets, flowers, jam. Everything is just so cute!

I was so excited to find this for sale on Fairy Angel. It's a print I had been looking for for ages and I was just googling it to try and see more photos of it, and that's when I saw Fairy Angel had one in stock! Such a stroke of luck, and it's even more beautiful in person.

Edit: I finally had to admit defeat with this dress- I just hated the cut on me! The sleeves looked strange on my shoulders and the high waist always makes me feel odd. I must make sure not to buy high waist dresses again! I decided to sell it and was really pleased when my friend Jen bought it from me. Now I will get to see her coord it and wear it to local comm meets!

Fingers crossed that I can find the other JSK cut in the same colour to replace it.


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