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Jane Marple

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Recently (2023) I have been trying to curb my shopping habits by tracking and limiting how many clothes I'm allowed to buy. The rules are 3 items max each month- that includes everything from socks to dresses.

This is really helping me save money and spend more intentionally, because each item I want to buy I must think 'do I like it enough to spend a shopping slot on?'

The answer when it came to this dress was yes yes yes! It was being sold by a friend from my local comm and I set an alarm to make sure I remembered to bid on it. I was so pleased when I won the auction and I wore it to my comm's summer international lolita day picnic not long after.

My first gingham love was my primary school uniform summer dress, which was red gingham, so it felt very fitting to add a red gingham dress to my wardrobe.


hem embroidery detail embroidery detail waist ribbon detail
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