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Dreamy Dollhouse OP


Angelic Pretty

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I seem to have had exceptional luck when it comes to my sweet prints. After I took the plunge into sweet and bought Toy Parade, the next sweet print on my wishlist was Dreamy Dollhouse. I couldn't believe it when I found it for a good price in my own country in the exact cut and colour I liked best! I bought this whilst in lockdown at my girlfriend's flat, seperated from most of my wardrobe, so I ended up wearing it quite a lot in just the first month of owning it. It's really helped me grow my confidence in 2010 era sweet.

This dress has so many lovely details. I love the detatchable frill on the front. Also, the print has glitter! One of the best things aout this print is the bad english text in the story book.


bodice detail hem detail sleeve detail
bow detail print detail print detail
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print detail



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