pink and brown leopard print dress

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Jewel Leopard Puff Sleeve OP


Metamorphose Temps De Fille

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I got this OP as part of a big trade with some friends. Jewel Leopard is a print I have loved since I first saw it. It feels so quintessentially Meta to me.

My favourite detail of this dress is the gold diamante leopard charms on the bows, they're just so cute!

The worst thing about this dress is that it plucks so easily. I have had to take it out of my main wardrobe because it keeps snagging on other items!

As well as lolita, I also love gyaru, and I though this OP could be fun to use in both fashions. I got the pink jewel leopard socks in my first ever lucky pack, but I have since gifted them to my girlfriend as the length isn't comfortable for me. I can't wait to coord this dress in a bunch of fun and unusual ways!


chest detail hem detail bow detail
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