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This Is My Blood OP


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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This dress was another case of 'wow that's so ugly...I want it.' I don't know now how I ever thought it was ugly at all! It's one of the most stunning dresses in my wardrobe. I think it was perhaps the navy colourway that I wasn't sure about, as I don't tend to wear much navy, but now I can't imagne owning it in any other colour. The print is so detailed and really pops on the navy colourway. The dress has so many interesting features. The only downside to this dress is the cummerbund is a nightmare to get on and off. The lacing is still original and I don't want to damage it, but the only way to get the cummerbund on and off is to unlace and relace it entirely. I'm considering adding a hidden zip to the side of the cummerbund to make this easier, as the lacing feels quite fragile. I feel like this dress allows me to live out my pirate dreams, the dreams we all had watching Pirates of The Caribbean for the first time as young teens. My favourite thing about this dress is it's extravagant sleeves.


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