black thumbelina dress

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Thumbelina OP


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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A dream dress! I feel so lucky to have found this dress. I originally saw it for sale on Wunderwelt, but missed out on it. Much later I came across a Mercari listing with just one absolutely awful photo that didn't even show the print, just a blurry image of the bodice. Because I had looked at photos of this dress so often, I recognised it and bought it, not knowing what kind of condition the dress would be in when it arrived... and it arrived looking beautiful! No first aid needed. It's much roomier than it's official measuemnts would suggest. I'd say at least 10cm bigger all over. It's so comfy (am I saying that about every dress?) and the early print is so charming. I really like coording it with pink to bring out the details of the print. It's missing the matching detachable choker collar, but I don't mind. Another often worn piece.


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