cream coat OP with toy print

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Toy Box Coat OP


Metamorphose Temps De File

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This piece actually has a kind of funny story behind it.

A while back I had a dream that my girlfriend bought me this coat for my birthday. It was a cool dream, because it's one of my favourite prints, but I'd mostly forgotten about the dream until recently.

Two years later my girlfriend bought me a birthday gift and I excitedly unwrapped it to find this beautiful coat! It's just so strange that I dreamed this exact scenario two years before it happened!

I really love this print, I just think it's so cute. It has a kind of vintage feel to it. I'm really excited to wear this coat over top of the JSK I have once it gets cold enough.


hem detail pocket detail detatchable cuff
print detail collar detail



Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre