pink gingham skirt with cotton lace

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

Release Date:

estimated 1998 (or earlier)

A good friend of mine tagged me in a facebook sales post for this skirt, knowing it was just my style. Pink gingham and only 15GBP? How could I resist! Unable to find any information about it on lolibrary, I asked some knowledgable online pals who have been in the fashion since the 00s. Judging by the cotton lining and the material the care tag is printed on, they estimated it to be from 1998 or earlier, which makes it my oldest main piece. The fabric is so beautiful and the cotton lining makes it so comfortable. The wide cotton lace is wonderfully detailed. Cotton lace (along with crunchy rashel, which I love equally) is my favourite kind of lace.


hem detail fabric detail hem and lining detail



Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre