milky chan fawn skirt

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Milky-Chan The Fawn Skirt


Angelic Pretty

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My other OTT sweet era print. Who doesn't love Milky-Chan? Even the lace has Milky-Chan on it! I saw this skirt in the first ever issue of GLB I read (well, browsed through. I can't read Japanese, sadly.) I recall at the time thinking a) that I loved it but would never wear it, even though I secretly wanted to and b) that the black colourway was for cowards and, if you really wanted to commit to the aesthetic, the only options were pink or white. So, here I am many years later the proud owner of this skirt in the black colorway! As you can see, both my attitude towards wearing it and to the black colourway have completely changed. I adore the black colourway. I searched for it for ages and stumbled across it really cheaply on lacemarket with the matching socks, plus free replica socks in another colour. My attitude towards the brown colourway has not changed, however. I still thinks it looks like baby poo.


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pink and black coord with music note cutsew

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