leopard print skirt

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Essential Fully Shirred Ruffle Skirt (Leopard Print)


R. R Memorandum

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I LOVE leopard print, so I was ridiculously excited to learn that RRM would be releasing leopart print items! I thought this skirt would be just perfect for punky coords with band t-shirts and chunky shoes. I feel really lucky to have managed to get one, as only two were ever made. I also got the matching bow.

Edit: I wore this skirt once in a twinning coord with my girlfriend, who has the other skirt. This coord actually is featured in the zine Heavenly Creatures! I love this skirt so much, but I finally had to concede that the heavy fabric sets of my pain flares, so I sold it to my friend Erin @frilljam who I know will coord it spectacularly. I can't wait to see her coords! I hope RRM will make a JSK with a less full skirt in this fabric some time. I would snap that up at once!


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