Items I used to own that are no longer part of my wardrobe.

Emily Temple Cute OP

cream and pink strawberry dress

Innocent World Petit Chien OP, 2005

ivory music note dress

Innocent World Strawberry Field Animals JSK, 2010

brown dress with animals and strawberries

Haenuli Just One Bite Jacquard JSK, 2016

gothic snow white print dress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Lame Dot Chiffon JSK, 2013

mint chiffon jsk

Angelic Pretty Castle Mirage, 2015

sax castle mirage jsk

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Flower Cart Embroidery JSK 2, 2006

flower cart embroidery jsk

Bodyline Agnes Strawberry Gingham Print JSK LO47, 2010

yellow gingham jsk

Cute Q Kitty Laundry JSK, 2020

cream cat print dress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Wizard Of Oz Applique Circular JSK, 2007

pink dress with wizard of oz embroidery

MAM Skirt

black skirt

Angelic Pretty Cherry Print Skirt, 2005

blue gingham skirt with cherries

R.R Memorandum Wildflower Corduroy Skirt, 2021

floral skirt

Angelic Pretty Angelic Garden Skirt, 2006

white skirt with black details

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival JSK, 2011

blue dress

Metamorphose Corsage Square Collar OP, 2002

black gothic dress

Nedimama Maria 540801 Sailor JSK

green and orange sailor dress

Metamoprhose Three Quarter Sleeve Maid OP (Gingham), 2001


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Very Berry Sweet Pie OP, 2010

embroidered dress

Metamorphose Crown Label Bear Cutsew

black t shirt with bear

Innocent World Chelsea Skirt, 2009

chelsea bunny skirt

Metamorphose Apprentice Sorcerer Skirt (Solid Color) , 2014

black skirt with silver emblem embroidery

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Tiered JSK, 2002

blue tiered jsk

Infanta Infanta 2-way Bustled Blouse, 2016

red chiffon blouse

Infanta Blouse

cream and white blouse

Bodyline Gingham Blouse, 2007

black and white gingham stripe blouse

Metamorphose Crown Label Torchon Lace Skirt, 2001

black and white skirt

Black Rose Choker

black pleather headdress

Alice and the Pirates Giordana Wrap Long Skirt, 2007

long black skirt

Metamorphose Happy Cake Skirt, 2007

blue cake print skirt

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright World's Most Adorable Dog Cutsew

black cutsew with puppy

R. R Memorandum Essential Fully Shirred Ruffle Skirt (Leopard Print) 2020

leopard patterned skirt

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Mary's Sweet Sheep Babydoll JSK, 2010

mint dress with sheep print

Innocent World Arabesque Rose Tiered JSK, 2011

floral tiered jsk

Sweet Dreamer Flower JSK

dark green flower jsk

Long Ears Sharp Ears The Kingdom Of Fairies Headdress, 2017

fairy kingdom headdress

Long Ears Sharp Ears Kingdom Of Fairy JSK, 2017

mint fairy jsk

Lady Sloth JSK

black dress with bows

Hawberry Sweet Cookie JSK

ivory and pink dress

Metamorphose Swan Candleholder Embroidered Double Fastener Bag, 2013

black candelabra bag

Dolls Party In The Forest OP, 2020

sheep dress

Dolls Party In The Forest Headdress, 2020

sheep headdress

R.R Memorandum Little Mouse Ribbon Bloomers, 2020

black and white bloomers

Angelic Pretty Wonder Girl Polka Dot Skirt, 2010

black and white polka dot skirt

Handmade (not by me) Bunny Ear Mob Cap

black and white rabbit ear mob cap

Emily Temple Cute Fruits Print Sleeveless OP, 2010

black fruit print sundress

Metamorphose Jewel Leopard Puff Sleeve OP, 2015

pink and brown leopard print OP

Putumayo Hounsdtooth Skirt

brown houndstooth skirt

Black Peace Now Set

black and white striped bloomers and cami set

Angelic Petty A La Carte Tea Time Boston Bag, 2012

white ap bag

Alice And The Pirates Briar Rabbit's Paysage Socks, 2013

logo socks

Innocent World Gold Lame Horse Socks, 2012

cream and gold horse print socks

Strawberry Field Knee Socks (Re-Release) 2010

strawberry field socks

Baby, The Stars shine Bright House Bag, 2008


MAM Snow White Cutsew

black and red t shirt

Metamorphose Gingham Cherry Tiered Skirt, 2007

pink gingham skirt

CC Cat Rainbow Dollhouse JSK, 2020

yellow dollhouse print dress

Selfmade Lampshade JSK, 2017

grey floral print jsk

Offbrand Cape

black cape

Metamorphose High Waist OP

black floral op

Alice And The Pirates Etoile Blouse, 2014

aatp gold blouse

Vanilla-Chan Coat (Houndstooth) 2010

green houndstooth coat with cat applique

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Wizard Of Oz Applique Scallop JSK, 2008

pink wizard of oz jsk

Emily Temple Cute

black knitted headdress

Baby, The Stars She Bright

white cat socks

Metamorphose Crown Embroidered Hexagon Bag, 2013

brown hexagon bag

Doll Paradise OP

sax blue dress

Metamorphose Window Print OP, 2003

red dress

Angelic Pretty Toy Parade JSK, 2007

black toy print dress

Putumayo Bear Face Cutsew

putumayo blue bear top

Angelic Pretty Berry Garden Print T-Shirt, 2014

pink strawberry cutsew

Infanta Infanta 2-way Bustled Blouse, 2016

black chiffon blouse

Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse, 2014

black fairy dance

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Fairy Print JSK, 2002

red fairy jsk

Angelic Pretty Romantic Lace Headdress 2020

black lace headdress

Metamorphose Rose Bird Cage Skirt, 2016 Lucky Pack Version

rose birdcage skirt

Innocent World Chemical Lace OP With Tie, 2003

blue floral dress

Metamorphose Self Fabric Frill Tiered OP, 2002

brown dress

Secret Garden A Constellation Of Cats - Hecate OP, 2017

blue cats dress

Lady Sloth Ball At Miranda Castle JSK

green ball at miranda castle jsk

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Fairy Print JSK, 2002

black fairy print jsk

Sheglit Sirenetta Print JSK, 2016

gothic mermaid print dress

Peace Now Skirt

black floral skirt

Offbrand 'Gloomy' Bag

red bear bag

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Flower Lace Button Down

btssb pink flower lace button cutsew

Milk OP

black and white dress

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Dobby Check Skirt,

pink gingham skirt

Ank Rouge Heart Bag

cream heart bag

Atelier Pierrot Bustle Skirt

blue bustle skirt

Sheglit Tulle Lace OP

cream lace dress

Moi Meme Motie Long Rose Print OP

long black dress with white rose

Innocent World Rose Panel Skirt, 2011

brown rose skirt

Sweet Dreamer Flower JSK


Baby Ponytail Botique Polly’s Garden of Dreams JSK

yellow dress

Killstar Coffin Backpack

black coffin bag

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Headbow

black bow

Metamorphose Temps De Fille Blouse

black blouse

Sosic Shop Shoes

beige shoes

Spin Doctor JSK

beige dress

Peppermint Fox Collectionneur d'Étoiles Skirt, 2018

cream skirt

Black Peace Now Crown Carriage Skirt, 2012

black carriage print skirt

Angelic Pretty Country Princess OP, 2012

white and blue dress

Angelic Prett Scallop Dolly Skirt, 2006

white skirt

Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time Boston Bag

black bag

Moi Meme Moitie Wallet

black and blue wallet

Miho Matsuda Bustier

black bustier

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Blouse

blue blouse

BW Pudding Forest Mist Skirt Forest Mist Skirt, 2015

deer print skirt

Innocent World Cross And Feather High Waist JSK, 2015

blue dress

Axes Femme Cutsew


Innocent World Flower Garden Bonnet

black and white bonnet

Metamorphose Jewel Leopard Socks, 2015

pink socks

H. Noato Tie

black and red tie

HN+nois Bag

black punk bag

Made by Mermaidgrey and TroubleInTheMessageCentre