2nd August 2023

I'm back again with more randomised Pokemon coord creations! My best friend loved the last one so much that I was encouraged to do another right away. Plus, it's so fun to do- it's hard to stop!

There's a few more than last time. I hope you will enjoy looking at them all!


Whiscash coord

First up is Whiscash! This Pokemon has such a 'head empty no thoughts' kind of face, it always makes me laugh.

Blue and yellow is another of my favourite colour combinations. I chose the darkest blue piece in my wardrobe to represent Wiscash's dark blue body and added the yellow bolero for a pop of yellow. I mixed several blues together, as Wishcash has light and dark blue in it's design.

To perfectly finish this coord, I think I would add some yellow hair ribbons, like the whiskers.


cetitian coord

I only have one totally white dress in my wardrobe, so I chose that for Cetitan.

Because Cetitan has quite a chunky form, I picked chunky shoes and the round crown to reflect that. I think that in these chunky shoes my stance could be similar to Cetitan in this image!

Now I'm putting together this blog post, I kind of wish I'd used a white JSK with a small pink print and paired it with all white, as I used this OP in a later look, but I still think this look has potential.


happiny coord

Happiny is such a pink Pokemon that there is lots of coord options I could do for it.

I went for my old reliable Meta Maid OP, because the round yoke and collar reflect the cute shape of Happiny. I thought the chest and waist part of Happiny look a bit like an apron, so I added an apron to the coord. Actually, I would add this apron instead, as it's a little smaller and rounder in shape, but I don't have a photo of it yet.

I think this coord turned out really cute, just like Happiny!


litwick coord

I wouldn't have thought to wear this white OP with purple accents, if not for Litwick, but I really enjoy the effect.

I've seen a few coords I really like that are all black with brightly coloured legwear, so I was inspired by those, but added the cardigan for extra purple. I think I will try wearing it both with and without the cardigan though, to see the effect.

I suppose it's a bit like an upside down Litwick, as the mutlicoloured socks are on the bottom half of the coord!


Vanilluxe coord

Sax and white is always a winning colour scheme. I chose this JSK for it's triangle shaped lace panels, because I thought they look like Vanilluxe's ice cone shapes!

Because it's an ice type Pokemon, I wanted to create a more wintery look, so I added the fluffy coat.

If I had some clear blue plastic jewellery, I think that would really add to the Vanilluxe vibe. I'm picturing this one . I don't have anything like that though, so I will just imagine it.


Pansage coord

For Pansage, I muted the colours a bit and went for a more classic lolita look.

This JSK has nature themes and accents of green in it, so I thought it was a good match, and looks lovely with the green jacket. I chose a headbow for this look, because Pansage has quite an elaborate crest on it's head. I also have green hair, so I suppose that would add to the Pansage theme too!

I really need to get some beige lace top socks, but I sadly don't have any! I do have some plain offbrand ones, that I haven't photographed yet, so those will have to do for now.


Electrode coord

This one I think is really funny because if Electrode wasn't in this image, you probably wouldn't think of it. But, with the white blouse on top and the red skirt on the bottom, it totally matches Electrode's colour scheme!

I suppose to make it even more Electrode-like, I could have gone for white headwear and red shoes, but I wanted to spread the colours about a bit, to make a more balanced coord.

I think this is one of my favourite coords, I definately want to wear it. I wonder if anyone looking at me would think 'you look like Electrode!'


Meganium coord

Meganium is one of my favourite Pokemon! I was so excited to get it and I'm definately going to wear this coord.

For the sake of working with what I've got, I decided to interpret it's lovely green body as mint instead, but I thought the floral theme helps keep it feeling like Meganium. The headdress even has roses on, which are kind of like it's floral neck ruff!

I think this coord could also work very well for Venusaur.


Shuckle coord

I used this JSK in my previous post for Weepinbell, but I think it's a much better fit for Shuckle, as it's got little red details in it.

Something about Shuckle as a Pokemon kind of weirds me out, I'm not sure why! But, it's colour scheme is cute and I liked putting together this coord.

I would take the Meta bunny off the bag to complete the look. Once again, I have no photos of my offbrand ankle socks, so just imagine them.

Thanks for stopping by!

I loved making more Pokemon themed coords, it's a really fun was to get creative with your wardrobe. Which was your favourite? Maybe you'd like to tell me by writing in my guestbook. Wishing you a peaceful and happy day, wherever in the world you may be.

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