blue dress

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Lovely Alphabet Short Sleeve OP


Metamorphose Temps De Fille

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Another dream dress! I fell in love with this print when I first saw it for sale really cheaply on Y!Auctions, but I didn't buy it because I was worried that to other people it would look too babyish. I regretted it ever since. People who are going to judge my clothes are going to do so no matter what, I may as well just wear things I like and not worry about it! Unfortunately, once I'd come to this conclusion, the dress had sold and I didn't see it for sale again for years.

My parents wanted to buy me a lolita dress for my birthday, so I was looking around on Xianyu for wishlist dresses and found this! It was such a good price that my parents actually got me two dresses, sax lovely alphabet and this meta sundress. So, it's a dress from each of them! This one is from my mum.

This print is so cute and I love the cut too. And it's such a beautiful colour! I'm really thankful to have added this dress to my wardrobe


removable chest detail chest detail sleeve detail
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sax and white coord with fluffy coat

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